Overhaul Policy

Australian Standard AS 3564.1:2020 for the repair, reconditioning and
servicing of Automatic Transmissions

Fluidrive® Automatic Transmissions guarantee to use only quality parts and oils in the repair and reconditioning of Automatic Transmissions and to recondition transmissions to meet and exceed Australian Standard AS 3564.1:2020.


There are a number of transmissions which are prone to possible Hard Parts failure and where the availability of Hard Parts can be scarce. With some transmissions, it is impossible to give an accurate quote until we strip the transmission down and see what is wrong. That is why we sometimes give a price that is “Subject to inspection” or “Subject to Hard Parts”. We will always consult with you during the process.


The word ‘reconditioned’ and its synonyms (e.g. ‘rebuilt’ and ‘overhauled’) shall mean that subsequent to the last use of that transmission in a vehicle, the following work has been affected on the unit:

  • All internal and external parts, including case and housing, have been dismantled, cleaned and inspected.
  • The torque converter or fluid coupling has been split, cleaned and inspected.
  • The valve body has been dismantled, cleaned and inspected.
  • All the following have been replaced by new parts:
  1. Lined friction plates (clutches).
  2. Internal and external seals.
  3. All sealing rings used in rotating applications.
  4. Gaskets.
  5. Disposable organic media, paper type, and non-serviceable filters.
  6. Vacuum Hoses.
  • All impaired, defective, or worn parts have been restored or replaced by new, reconditioned, or unimpaired parts, all measuring and adjusting of such parts having been adequately performed to manufacturer’s specifications.
  • For transaxles, pinions and side gear bearings have been preloaded to the manufacturer’s specification.
  • Where present, vacuum modulator and all internal electrical and electronic components and those fitted directly to the transmission have been tested to function to manufacturer’s specifications.
  • Make and model of transmission and the date of transaction have been recorded.
  • The words “exchange” or “re-manufacture” where used in relation to an automatic transmission unit shall mean that the unit in the vehicle is not the unit that was formerly in the vehicle, but is the identical model and correctly calibrated to suit the vehicle into which it has been fitted. Where either of the words are used, it shall be accompanied by an indication of the state of the unit.
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Fluidrive Automatic Transmission Service Centres specialise in the service, repair, rebuilding and reconditioning of Automatic Transmissions, manual gearboxes and driveline components.
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