Automatic Transmissions are extremely complex and have many electronic and moving parts. A Fluidrive® automatic transmission specialist is trained in diagnostics to pick up even minor clues that indicate that there could be major problems developing within the transmission.  These could be overlooked by an untrained person and failure to pick them up could lead to major and expensive repairs.

Fluidrive® provides you with a guaranteed level of workmanship.  All the work is carried out to the highest standards using specialist tools and equipment. Fluidrive® technicians are trained to handle even the most complex electronic transmission systems.

Please call your nearest Fluidrive® Service Centre to discuss your Automatic Transmission needs with any of our personnel.

Want to know more about how an automatic transmission works?  [Click here]

Please note: this will take you to a different website that provides detailed information on the various transmission components and how they work.

About Fluidrive
Fluidrive Automatic Transmission Service Centres specialise in the service, repair, rebuilding and reconditioning of Automatic Transmissions, manual gearboxes and driveline components.
Overhaul Policy
Fluidrive Automatic Transmissions guarantee to only use quality parts and oils in the Rebuilding/Overhaul of Automatic Transmissions and to meet or exceed, Australian Standards.
Service Centres
All our service centres are independantly owned automative workshops that are part of a network with access to specialist technical knowledge and support for all makes and models.
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