Modern transmissions are complex systems that operate under extremes of load, heat, pressure and friction. Under normal operation, over a period of time, your transmission produces millions of tiny abrasive metal particles that are carried through your transmission by the oil.  As a result the transmission, if not regularly serviced, incurs wear that could lead to parts failure, overheating or a complete breakdown.

An Automatic Transmission service should include the following:

  1. The old fluid will be drained out;
  2. The transmission oil pan will be removed and cleaned;
  3. Our Fluidrive® technician will inspect the old oil and residue in the transmission oil pan for signs of metal filings or debris from the clutches which will indicate any internal damage or impending transmission problems;
  4. The filter will be removed and cleaned or replaced;
  5. The bands and controls (where applicable) are checked and adjusted;
  6. The filter will be refitted;
  7. The transmission oil pan is refitted using a new gasket;
  8. The transmission is filled with new transmission fluid;
  9. The transmission is checked for fluid leaks;
  10. The car will be road tested to check the transmission operation.

Please note that if your transmission oil is extremely degraded or contaminated, the Fluidrive® technician might recommend a transmission flush to remove any contaminated oil that remains trapped in the cooler pipes or the torque converter.

We have found that to help prolong the life of your transmission especially as the vehicle gets older, the transmission should be serviced every 12 months or 20,000 km (whichever occurs first). This is especially important if you use your vehicle for towing or drive in heavy stop/start traffic.

Regular servicing not only ensures the efficient running of your transmission but is good insurance against costly repairs.


TransGuard® is a specially designed Automatic Transmission service devised for Fluidrive® Service Centres to meet the most stringent conditions.  Your Automatic Tansmission will be fully serviced and tested for potential problems using Fluidrive®’s exclusive TransCheck® diagnostic techniques.

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