Firstly, ascertain whether your car has a computerised engine management system. If you are unsure consult your service manual or ring the manufacturer.

If you have a non-computer based system you can either jump-start the car or replace the battery.

In the case of a computer-based system, do not use jumper leads to start the car. This can lead to a power surge and subsequent breakdown of the computer system.  You may need to replace the battery and should consult your service centre.

If you are unsure about the type of automatic transmission you have and what to do, contact your nearest Fluidrive® Service Centre who will be happy to advise you.

About Fluidrive
Fluidrive Automatic Transmission Service Centres specialise in the service, repair, rebuilding and reconditioning of Automatic Transmissions, manual gearboxes and driveline components.
Overhaul Policy
Fluidrive Automatic Transmissions guarantee to only use quality parts and oils in the Rebuilding/Overhaul of Automatic Transmissions and to meet or exceed, Australian Standards.
Service Centres
All our service centres are independantly owned automative workshops that are part of a network with access to specialist technical knowledge and support for all makes and models.
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