There are always ways to do a cheap job. We could cut corners on replacement parts, or not supply a reconditioned torque converter, or re-use old clutch plates, or recycle oil or any use other number of ways to reduce the price. Using any of these methods to save a few dollars means that you, as the customer, are not getting a properly repaired or reconditioned Automatic Transmission.

When looking for someone to repair your Automatic Transmission, it is a good idea to consider the reputation of the transmission specialist, how long they have been in business and the quality of workmanship, warranty backup and service. FluidriveĀ® Service Centres have the backup and experience of a group that has specialised in transmissions since 1963.

About Fluidrive
Fluidrive Automatic Transmission Service Centres specialise in the service, repair, rebuilding and reconditioning of Automatic Transmissions, manual gearboxes and driveline components.
Overhaul Policy
Fluidrive Automatic Transmissions guarantee to only use quality parts and oils in the Rebuilding/Overhaul of Automatic Transmissions and to meet or exceed, Australian Standards.
Service Centres
All our service centres are independantly owned automative workshops that are part of a network with access to specialist technical knowledge and support for all makes and models.
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