Frequently Asked Questions

What are the warning signs of a faulty transmission?

Why should I take my Automatic Transmission to a Fluidrive® specialist?

What is involved in a Automatic Transmission Service and how often should it be done?

What will happen if my Automatic Transmission needs complete reconditioning?

Why have a Fluidrive® reconditioned Automatic Transmission?

Why can't you give me a firm price for my Automatic Transmission?

Can you do the job cheaper?

Am I getting a new Automatic Transmisson?

Will towing affect my Automatic Transmission?

How can I start my "Automatic" car if it has a flat battery?

What should I do if my car requires Towing?

Does my car need a transmission oil cooler?

Is there a difference in Transmission oils?

About Fluidrive
Fluidrive Automatic Transmission Service Centres specialise in the service, repair, rebuilding and reconditioning of Automatic Transmissions, manual gearboxes and driveline components.
Overhaul Policy
Fluidrive Automatic Transmissions guarantee to only use quality parts and oils in the Rebuilding/Overhaul of Automatic Transmissions and to meet or exceed, Australian Standards.
Service Centres
All our service centres are independantly owned automative workshops that are part of a network with access to specialist technical knowledge and support for all makes and models.
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